Best Electric Shavers in India

In today’s busy life its difficult for many men to remain well-groomed and be on on schedule especially if they are using manual razor for shaving. As a result many men prefer using electric shavers to save time and also electric shaver do not require any special grooming items such as shaving cream, gels or soap. Electric shaver go over your skin and it does not require you to go over the same area again and again which greatly reduces the chances of razor burn or razor bumps. But finding the best electric shaver cannot be easy, so we’ve put together this resource – a one-stop-shop, all-inclusive guide to help you find the electric razor that suits best for your need.

Best Electric Shavers in India for Men

Electric ShaverBrandTypeUsage TimeRecharge TimeCordlessRatingBuy From
Philips AquaTouch AT890/16
Philips AquaTouch AT890/16 electric Shaver
PhilipsRotary50 mins1 hourYes4.2Buy On Amazon
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Braun Cruzer 6 Face Shaver
Braun Cruzer6 Face Men's Shaver
BraunFoil30 mins1 hourYes4.0Buy On Amazon
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Philips AT600/15 AquaTouch
Philips AT600/15 AquaTouch Shaver
PhilipsRotary30 mins10 hourYes4.1Buy On Amazon
Buy On Flipkart
Panasonic ES-SL41S Men's Shaver
Panasonic ES-SL41S Men's Shaver
PanasonicFoil21 mins12 hourYes3.9Buy On Amazon
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Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Men's Shaver
Philips AquaTouch AT620/14 Men's Shaver
PhilipsRotary30 mins10 hourYes4.1Buy On Amazon
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Types of Electric Razors

foil electric shaverElectric razors come in two varieties: foil and rotary. We’re not going to get into the debate about which is better; they both clearly work, and it really boils down to personal preference. This is an example of a foil razor. It has 2-3 long, straight foils that cover cutting blades. When the razor is on, hair enters through holes in the foil, and the blades move back and forth to cut the hair.

rotary electric shaverThis is an example of a rotary razor. This type of razor usually has 3-4 floating, round heads. Remember when you were a kid, and your mom told you not to stick your finger in the fan? Well, the same principle is at work here. Under each head, a blade spins around in a circle, cutting the hair. This is pretty much like shaving your face with three miniature lawnmowers.

Advantages of Using an Electric Shaver

  • You’re busy. There’s no two ways about it: electric shavers are just a lot faster than traditional wet shaving. Wet shaving, of course, gives you a much closer shave, but if you don’t mind having a baby-butt smooth mug, and you don’t want to spend a lot of time shaving, electric can definitely save you a few minutes.
  • You’re lazy. It’s also easier. You just grab it, turn it on, rub it around on your face, and bam – you’re done. If shaving feels more like a chore to you than an art, you might be a good candidate for the electric shaving team. Quick pro tip for the super lazy: you should also think about investing in a good nose hair trimmer.
  • But you still care about quality. Investing in a quality electric razor will give you good, consistent shaves. It gets the job done, and can give you the look you’re going for without sacrificing much quality. Really, the only differences between an electric shave and a straight or safety razor is closeness and the experience. If these things aren’t the highest on your priority list, then electric is the way to go.
  • You don’t like a lot of maintenance. If, for example, you choose to shave with a straight razor, you’ll probably have to replace the blade every three or four shaves. You’ll still have to perform a little bit of maintenance with an electric shaver – just not nearly as much. Most manufacturers recommend you replace the blades every 12 months. So, you can get a lot of shaves under your belt before having to put new blades in.

Reviews of the Top four Electric Shavers in India

Philips AquaTouch AT890/16 Men’s Shaver
Philips AquaTouch AT890/16 Men's ShaverPhilips AquaTouch AT890/16 is a stylish electric shaver with blue body and grey and black fitting give this rotary shaver a clean and efficient look. This electric shaver is fully waterproof which means, it can be used wet with foam or gel for a comfortable and smoother shave. If you happen to choose a rotary shaver over foil, this Philips AquaTouch AT890/16 could be the best electric shaver for you. This rotary electric shaver is perfect for sideburns and moustache, you can easily tailor your looks to suit your style. It has dual precious cutting with ultra thin heads that have slots in the blades to catch longer hairs; and holes in the blades to have short stubble. This shaver is also perfect for traveling as it is cordless and have battery time of about 50 minutes. You can recharge the shaver fully in an hour. The Aquatec seal of the Philips AT890 shaver ensures a comfortable dry shave and a refreshing wet shave. Use it wet with shaving gel or foam for enhanced skin comfort. This shaver is also best for sensitive skin…Read Full Review

Braun Cruzer 6 Face Men’s Shaver
Braun Cruzer6 Face Men's ShaverBraun Cruzer 6 face shaver is certainly a versatile grooming tool designed to help you stay well groomed. This face shaver can be used with an attachment that can be easily adjusted for different beard lengths and a trimmer that can be twisted for styling. This shaver comes with three attachments namely adjustable comb, precision comb and special 3-day beard comb with protective cap. The trimming comb is equipped with a click and lock system that can be adjustable to four lengths (1.2mm, 2.8mm, 4.4mm and 6mm) allowing use to get a shave ranging from a very close to a full beardRead Full Review

Philips AT600/15 AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver
Philips AT600/15 AquaTouch Wet and Dry Electric Shaver in IndiaPhilips AT600/15 with Aquatech Electric Razor is our favorite Philips shaver in the mid-range category. The performance and value for money this electric shaver offers is something hard to come in our experience. Philips AT600/15 shaver is a product of research and innovation in the pursuit of creating the best affordable electric shaver for men. This Philip shaver has a special Aquatech technology allowing the shaver to be used in the shower comfortably or you can go for quick, dry shaves. Using a waterproof wet or dry electric shaver provides more flexibility than simply being able to shave in the shower. It also gives you the option to use any type of shaving gel or cream you normally would with a standard manual razor.Read Full Review

Panasonic ES-SL41-S Wet/Dry Shaver
Panasonic ES-SL41S Men's ShaverPanasonic lately asked when we’d want to consider testing out certainly one of their Arc3 electric powered razors. One nice feature associated with the shaver is usually the fact that will it’s a piece of cake to wash right after use, simply switch open drinking water shutters and allow water to stream freely with the particular unit. Simply no needing to consider away the external foil just such as you do to electric razors. Panasonic provides fast, clean, and close up shave, thanks a lot simply for their particular 30-degree position nanotech cutting blades. As properly as the particular pop-up trimmer is usually ideal for combing your sideburns or even goatee.Read Full Review

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